Entry #5 – Tradeoffs

Always tradeoffs. We make choices. Some of those choices involve a tradeoff. Some of them do not involve a tradeoff. Others are just bannal marches along the daily path forward a repeat of the day before. Earlier today I started to wonder a little bit about just how to best setup a writing plan for the day. I started looking at the ASUS 14″ C434TA 2-in-1 Chromebook – Intel Core m3 – 1080p on the Costco website. Maybe it is still my best option or maybe the Pixelbook 2 (codename Atlas) will be amazing. It does seem to be enough to keep me using this Chromebook that is missing about five keys. Fortunately, none of them really stop me from typing and pushing things forward.

Entry #4 – Reflecting

This entry was almost called thinking, but it very quickly became the one about reflecting. Every day I’m sitting down and thinking about what I’m going to produce at the start of the day and reflecting on what happened the day before. This is not at all a writing Scrum session it is more reflective than action oriented. The actions are compelled from the value they provide not from some type of burn down chart toward a major accomplishment. Sure that has a place and a time and it was not what happened within the journal I was reading. That was more or less about the struggle to produce. The struggle to create. Making something from nothing based on ideas plucked out of thought and placed on the page.

One of the elements of writing fiction is standing up a fictional world that becomes so real you can almost touch or taste it. At the end of my 99 entries, which should end up taking about 99 days to produce, I’m going to have a collection of 100 words. That may very well end up being the title of my eventual treatise, “100 Words: Engaged daily writing for 100 days.” That is where my thoughts are at the moment. It is a moment full of hope and promise. Something about hope stands on its own fueled by promise and optimism.

Entry #3 – Pathing

Every day I’m sitting down at the start of my day and reading one of the 99 entries in Working Days by John Steinbeck. After reading the entry I start working on my own writing journey. In my own way, this is my effort to work along the same path of journaling and writing that happened back in 1938.

Entry #2 – Updates

This morning was diverted to apply some patches and updates to a few websites. That happens from time to time. It really seems to happen at random and in spurts of updates. Within that frame of thought it could be said that today was a day of updates. Perhaps going with that is the way to think about things. Yesterday, I dug up a copy of the three chapters I put together last year. It might be better to start working on them as 3 different short stories. Perhaps at this point it would be better to build a collection of short stories that together could build up to something. Maybe that is the right way to go about moving forward this morning. At the moment my mind is very focused on what time of day it is vs. what I should be writing. Autopilot is a funny thing as coffee begins to wipe away the cobwebs guarding alertness.

Entry #1 – Functionally Journaling

Being a writer is about little more than the act of writing. The barrier to entry is really just three things: a medium to store content, something to write with, and time to write. Right now I’m reading an old library copy of Working Days by John Steinbeck. So far the recipe to writing seems to be the persistence necessary to finish pages. Some people just let things happen and others write within guidelines to fill in the blanks on a known destination.

My efforts fall into two camps of thought. On the academic side of things I write to a journal template or a specific manuscript format. Outside of academic efforts I tend to write in a more stream of consciousness style. The next 99 entries in this series of thoughts will be more than a chautauqua that drones on about the intersection of technology and modernity. These entries are going to be about the process of functionally journaling my efforts to move passed self censorship and simply write as the writing happens. Maybe that is a naive first move in a game of chess that revolves less around the rules than the outcomes.

Some time ago… like last year… I penned 3 chapters of a novel that were not entirely terrible. This may very well be the start of a new writing endeavor. Given the other things that I owe in the next 90 days this might not be the right time to take on this type of new endeavor. Somehow that might help get this entire thing running in the right direction.