Day 3 #GlobalAI Conference Santa Clara

Greetings from Day 3 of the #GlobalAI Conference. I’m speaking at two sessions today during the conference. Earlier today I went ahead and shared the slide deck and a pre read in mp3 format on LinkedIn. 

Here are the talks I listened to today with a few notes:

Business Track: The Autonomous Pharmacy: Applying AI and ML to Medication Management Across the Care Continuum (Ken Perez) – This was an interesting way to start the day. A lot of this talk focused on targeting and adherence. Both of those targets are about helping people get and sustain care. 

General Keynote Session: The Pros and Cons of Automated Machine Learning in Healthcare (Sanjeev Kumar) – This talk really dug in and tried to address silos and data quality. Those are two things that make it very hard to use dispersed and highly inaccessible data from legacy systems. 

General Keynote Session: Google’s Journey to AI-First  (Chanchal Chatterjee) – 

Technical Track: Case studies in AI for medical devices (Moshe Safran) – 

Day 2 #GlobalAI Conference Santa Clara

Laurent El Ghaoui speaking at a conference

My notes from yesterday were a little bit unorthodox. A lot of them were just links or a couple words to learn more about. I’m going to head over to the conference here in a little bit. At the end of my Day 2 notes I’m going to just add a little bit of commentary about the talks I attended. 

Day 2: Recap of what I learned and what talks I attended… 

Business Track: Virtualizing ML/AI and data science workloads (Michael Zimmerman) – This talk was very interesting and Michael extolled the virtues of reading the paper listed below.

General Keynote Session: Implicit deep learning and robustness (Laurent El Ghaoui) – This presentation is really solid. When I convert my presentation into a full paper I hope the formulas are as elegantly presented as what Laurent was able to produce. This talk really set the bar for walking and presenting formulas.

General Keynote Session: Pitfalls and panacea: AI and Cybersecurity (Wayne Chung) – It turns out my USB Type-C to HDMI cable works. It got an actual field test during this presentation. This turned out to be a very interesting talk full of security content and timelines. It was highly engaging.

Technical Track:  AI methods for Formal Reasoning (Christian Szegedy) – Talked about moving AI efforts into a direction of true understanding and reasoning. I took a screenshot of a bunch of papers that are going to be added to my reading list.

Technical Track: Challenges in machine learning from model building to deployment at scale (Anupama Joshi) – This talk really dug into the ML software development life cycle and how that is managed.

Workshop: Tensorflow.js : Machine Learning In and Out of the Browser (Brian Sletten) – Talked about using machine learning at the edge. This was a longer several hour session that went into more detail. I did not take a ton of notes. This session was more hands on with the product.

Day 1: Recap of what I listened to during the day… 

Workshop: Building Real World AI Solutions (Alexander Liss & Michael Liu) – This was 4 hours of workshop related to using TensorFlow for machine learning on AWS. 

Technical Track (Finance): Group Theory, Chaos and Financial Time Series (Revant Nayar) – This is one of those presentations that needed a much better projector setup. It was hard to read the notations on the screen. I’m going to see if I can get the deck later to dig into it a little bit more. 

Technical Track (Finance):  Machine Learning In Finance (Chakri Cherukuri) – The visualizations used during this presentation were really top notch. I have been impressed with the team from Bloomberg. 

Technical Track: Image Augmentations for Semantic Segmentation and Object Detection (Vladimir Iglovikov) – This talk was sort of a pitch for using Kaggle and competing in machine learning competitions. I actually wish Vladimir had just leaned into it and really talked about what it takes to compete and how that process worked. The talk really dived into the results and not the mechanics of how those competitions occur. I’m going to spend some time learning about Kaggle on the flight home tomorrow. 

Finance Track : Data in Finance/Banking (Ryan Lee) – This talk could have gone a little bit deeper into the management and use of big data. 

Other topic…

I have decided that getting a paper accepted at NIPS is a noble pursuit.

Traveling to San Jose

Loading up John Wick: Chapter 3 took some time on my flight today. For some reason, the loading of the webpage took a lot longer than expected. Oh no, I got the error, “This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 246000).” That was disappointing to start off my trip to San Jose, California. I did give it one more shot to see if it would work, but that ended up with the same error code on the screen. Even the live television option would not work. After a couple of minutes of messing around and refreshing the browser I just went back to listening to music. The flight has an hour and a half remaining. Given that much time I should be able to do something special with just my thoughts and this keyboard.

Writing for the sake of writing is one of the great joys of having enough time to sit back and just think about things. I had considered writing my speech out again during the flight. Sometimes that is exactly what you want to do to get ready to give a talk. Practice does help ensure that the content gets packaged up correctly. Writing about how to operationalize machine learning is something I enjoy doing, but I am not entirely ready to produce a new block of prose. Right now, I am really just refining the content that I have and trying to make the talk better. One of the things I have really thought about is trying to make a better batch of slides. For some reason, my current slides do not feel impactful enough to bring the content to life.

My goal is to setup and build an entirely new presentation after this week. That is going to involve sitting down and sketching out the story that needs to be told and building the parts of that story out one slide at a time. Working on something like that is going to take some time and a lot of thought and energy. Right now I could be working on that instead of just writing away and enjoying some music during this flight to California. Typing on a flight is really one of those things that works for me and I enjoy it. Some offices are building these little isolation chambers to let people lock in and really focus. Being able to really focus on things has always come easily to me. That is something I should probably not take for granted.

This privacy screen on my Google Pixelbook Go is still working pretty well. Nothing has really gotten between the shield and the screen. I’m sure at some point that will happen and it will be very problematic. This privacy shield is held on the screen with some adhesive stickers along the edges. Trying to remove it and clean the underlying screen would be very problematic. It would have been much better to get a replaceable screen like the ones some of the Apple products have available. Those privacy screens seem to be much better. I’m not sure having people read over my shoulder is really that big of a deal to me, but at these conferences and traveling all over it seemed to be something I wanted to avoid.

Getting that coffee ready

This post is only partly about coffee. It really is about my struggle with office chair mats.

Today started with a wonderful cup of coffee. Instead of sporting two shots of espresso this morning it seemed like coffee is the way to go. In a little bit today before the start of the two NFL playoff games, I’m going to need to buy a new office chair mat for my home office CEO chair. Earlier this week the last floor mat sort of splintered and had to be put in the garbage. Since living in this house this will the 3rd floor mat for my office chain in the last 5 years. That seems a little bit out of control in terms of floor mat sustainability. Using my Scandanaviang Designs Wau office chair on the carpet is strange. It takes a lot of effort to move around. My guess is that this type of rolling around is probably not good for the carpet. My plan is to visit Costco first and then Staples as a backup route to finding a new office chair mat.

This morning I’m watching the week 1 course content for the Coursera “Crash Course on Python” series the Google team recently released. It seemed like a good idea to just jump in and do the courses to change things up a little bit in my regular routine.

As part of that course I just went out and looked at some fun documentation:


Think Python

I downloaded the “Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist” book in PDF format (Downey, 2012).

I’m now done with week 1 of the “Crash Course on Python” Coursera course in the “Google IT Automation with Python” specialization.

Writing a little bit more

Ok. 2020 has started and my writing output is lacking so far this year. Starting right now a small amount of time every morning and every evening will be devoted to the fine arts of writing epic prose or at least the creation of semi-muddled stream of consciousness driven prose. Was that last part a pivot against expectations? Potentially, that is why that fork in the road was put down on the page. Instead of thinking that way it would probably have been better to just accept that everyday things will keep getting better as the craft of writing is practiced one post at a time. That is where my head is at right now in this moment. For the most part during my writing journey the things that get put together as part of a weblog post are published almost immediately and very rarely edited after the fact. These posts are pretty much — what you see — is what you get expression of creativity in the moment published just after creation.