Trying to buy the RTX 3090

Here in about 55 minutes I’m going to try to buy one of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics cards when they go on sale. What might be a concerning sign about that is that NVIDIA has already apologized for the online sale that happens in 55 minutes. Apparently, they have a very small supply and things are not going to go well.

Those stuck words

Waking up seems to be going very slowly today. In a few minutes the sun will come up and the day will start, but my efforts to write are not that predictable. At the moment my Warren Zevon Pandora station is playing a lot of Bruce Spingsteen. Sometimes that happens in major spurts. Algorithmically some similarity must exist I guess. Nobody really wrote music and lyrics like Warren did for decades. You can tell that the writing process has not kickstarted yet this morning. I’m writing about my surroundings and not reacting to anything that is kicking up a strong emotion or thought about anything particular. That is generally a bad sign for the start or sustainment of an early morning writing effort. This whole page is not going to auto populate. I’m going to need to start writing something more substantial. Maybe at this very moment the right thing to do would be to shift gears and start writing a short story or maybe just dig into some type of fiction related effort. It does not feel like that is going to happen either. At the moment all of the good words appear to be stuck and those stuck words are not making an appearance on the weblog this morning.

Oh that new GPU sale

The team over at NVIDIA will put the brand new GeForce RTX 3090 aka the “BFGPU” on sale in the morning on Thursday September 24, 2020. Apparently, the team over at NVIDIA has publicly apologized for the frustration caused by the 3080 launch last week. It was a terrible online product sale launch. Simply terrible. The attention of people worldwide was focused on it and things did not go well. Even thinking back on it is frustrating and disappointing. I’m probably going to try to buy the 3090 this week during the launch window. My bet is that I won’t actually be able to buy one and it will be an exercise in trying to do something that should be simple and failing miserably at it while knowing the entire time that is the most likely outcome. I’m not sure an exact word exists to express that emotion, but if the team over at NVIDIA is not careful it is entirely plausible that their brand name will become synonymous with that feeling. It has to be a word that conveys a certain type of exasperated emotion that is somehow worse than futility.    

My Corsair Air 740 cube computer case is already ready for the installation of the new graphics card that has not even been purchased at this time. I have the special 8-pin Corsair cables on my desk and a special support bracket for GPUs that came with the ASUS TUF X299 Mark 1 motherboard. None of that will help one of these new 30 series graphics cards show up. I’m not entirely sure exactly what I want to do with this new graphics card. That is one of those things that need to be considered. I’m probably going to spin up some type of TensorFlow instance on this computer and do some things with it. Generally, I could just use the Google Colab notebooks to do that type of thing and it would be a lot less expensive, but at the same time it is a lot less fun. That second part cannot be understood when it comes to buying a new GPU. The excitement part of the whole thing has a certain appeal. Being ready for the inevitable 8K monitor that I’m going to buy is also a big plus, but the 3090 is probably overkill for that type of effort alone.

Maxed out creativity

Some weblog design changes had to be made yesterday. First, the very top header image had to be set back to active on the site. Something that has not happened very often occurred and it was aesthetically awkward. The plugin that allows advertisements to be placed pretty much anywhere on the page was causing trouble. That was easy enough to fix, but it took me a few minutes of starting at the half empty page to figure it out. Traffic has been coming into this weblog in spurts this year. Generally speaking my writing is here mostly just for my own amusement. I sit down and write for the express purpose of creating prose. The output is the point in this case. Sure the process of creating the prose helps me think and put my ideas in order for the day. Most of the time when I sit down to write in the back of my mind I can hear my voice saying the words that are about to be written out on the page. Sometimes when I really get into the groove the words are appearing on the screen at a fast enough rate that it is like I’m reading them instead of hearing them spoken out loud. That is generally a sign of a good day where creativity is going to be maxed out. In some ways that is the goal of this whole endeavor to max out creativity on a daily basis. Mixed into that effort is solving problems and working toward a perfect possible future. 

Interrupted. Shenanigans.

Checking some Zip disks

Last night I finished listening to Walter Isaacson’s, “The Innovators,” audiobook (2014). Instead of listening to books from the Dune franchise I have been listening to non-fiction efforts recently before going to bed. 

My internet browsing has been rather aimless this weekend. I keep checking a variety of news sites hoping for better news. This effort seems misguided, but it was oddly reactionary to a year of ineffable debacles. 

My next effort for the day is going to be to plugin this new USB to IDE cable to see if my classic Zip 250 drive from my Lian Li cube computer case will work. This is all part of an adventure to see what is on the five Zip 250 disks sitting on my desk. Not knowing what was on the disks has been bothering me since they arrived on my desk. Dealing with legacy storage media is increasingly challenging. Now that things are going to the cloud and physical storage is generally a problem for cloud providers to deal with that older storage media is increasingly becoming harder and harder to manage.  

Cable used: StarTech USB3SSATAIDE USB to SATA IDE Adapter

Note: This adapter came with a stand alone power supply for the drive being connected. Keep in mind that this was extremely helpful to plug in the Zip 250 drive with power.    

Transfer update:

Zip 250 disk 1: It had files from 2008 and only two of them failed to transfer. Given that it has been about 12 years since the disk has been in a drive that is not bad. 

Zip 100 disk 2: This was just some garbage software backups from 2002. This disk was totally useless, but the data did transfer off of it without any issues. That was surprising given that it was 6 years older than the disk with two file failures. 

Zip 250 disk 3: The only file on this disk was a 4kb readme.txt from 1999. I mean obviously it had to be opened. It contained the, “Getting the Most out of Your Zip Disks,” instructions. 

Zip 100 disk 4: This was just a bunch of 2002 documents related to coursework 

Zip 250 disk 5: Strangely enough this disk was a different batch of 2002 and 2003 coursework documents.  

Documents were backed up and then I ran the “Permanently erase with Webroot” command.