20191014 Thoughts

Whoa… today was a day when writing did not really feel like a good idea. Things just went a little bit sideways and did not seem to have much forward momentum. That is sort of where my thoughts ended up earlier. Instead of dwelling on that it seemed like a good idea to brew a mug of green tea and watch a little bit of The Curse of Oak Island on Netflix. Maybe that helped get this session of writing going a bit tonight.

I checked my notes from Google Keep and thought a little bit about the big Google announcement tomorrow. It is entirely possible that tomorrow a new Google Pixel 4 XL will be my next smartphone. We will see how the preorder process and the pricing ends up landing during the event. Apparently, tomorrow just might be the day that a new Google Pixelbook gets launched. This ASUS Chromebook Flip has seen better days and is currently missing a few keys, but otherwise works. Tomorrow might just be the day that a new Chromebook and smartphone are ordered.

Earlier today I started thinking about picking up some new vinyl The Doors records. That piece of extremely keen insight was in my Google Keep notes. A lot of notes have been piling up recently and some of them probably deserve a bit of discovery. That typically involves taking a thought and exploring it via written prose for a few minutes or maybe an hour. Nothing really seems to get more attention than an hour these days. Actually have an hour to devote to any one thing is pretty rare these days.

20191008 Thoughts

One of the things that has occupied my thoughts today is a question about how to build a boot up mixtape for the state of the day. I’m not really thinking about a get psyched up collection of songs. Instead I have been thinking that it might be good to make a recording full of compelling purposes for taking action to help get me start every day.

20191006 Thoughts

Today I’m digging into threat detection and log analysis.  This could get very interesting very fast. Don’t worry, you should be able to see the results on my GitHub probably in a Jupyter notebook format. Right now my efforts are focused on Apache logs since that sounds like a good way to start. 

Instead of brewing two shots of espresso with my Nespresso Expert machine this morning I elected to go with a strong pull of Lungo style coffee. It was delightful coffee as usual. 

The folks over at Google are still providing the Colaboratory research project for free and that is awesome. That is the first place I go for noodling around with Python these days. 

Theoretical guitar build MarkVII… 

20191001 Thoughts

Whoa… today started out with two scoops of Soylent Mocha or roughly 400 calories of breakfast. Things got going a little bit slowly today. That in part is due to a very early start to the month. I’m trying to make the most of my October.

For some reason, I spent some time looking at Frank Zappa vinyl records on eBay after listening to Mattias IA Eklundh on YouTube for like 45 minutes. The song “A Reshuffling of Atoms” is currently my favorite Mattias jam online.

20190930 Thoughts

This functional journey blog is going back to its roots for a bit. Mostly throughout this week the theme will be notes until it is time to go back to the 99 entries that are briefly on hold. I’m going to try to capture a few notes throughout the day to help kickstart the writing process. Sometimes writing is the best way to kickstart more writing. So here we go. Enjoy the banality of pleasantly everyday activities.

My Nespresso machine produced two wonderful shots of Starbucks espresso this morning. Things are starting to come into focus this morning.

Breakfast included 400 calories of Soylent Mocha powder mixed with water.

After breakfast was over, it seemed like a good idea to fill my 48oz Nalgene water bottle. Drinking that bottle of water one glass at a time will take a few hours and probably run into lunch.