working draft from china trip

Censorship is a terrible thing and witnessing it first hand is a very refreshing look at society. I have been working on this draft for the last couple of days it is currently about twenty pages single spaced. I hope that the draft will be completed by tomorrow morning. I believe it is important to be able to write down everything and then synthesize. The best way to see the bigger picture is to be able to read the details and then take a step backward to fill in the gaps. It is so important that people take the time to write down exactly what is going on in China, because without a free press the only way the real story will be told is if people who are lucky enough to have a free press make sure that the story gets out. Taiwan is a flourishing self-sufficient democracy, Tibet deserves religious freedom, and in 1989, the student protests in Tiananmen Square were really put down by tanks. We cannot ignore facts, because they are not part of the worldview endorsed by the Peoples Republic of China.

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