Hyphen Say’s California

Well the Hyphen says that one day I will find the perfect graduate school. Perhaps the Hyphen is correct and things will get better. I can tell you this much I picked up my car for the automotive repair specialist, and then the radiator blew up for a second day in a row. Who knew that car repair was such a difficult business?
I have made some decisions about the future of my life. They go something like this I will be taking the LSAT in October. When I was a little kid, all I wanted to do was be a corporate lawyer. To be more specific a contract lawyer, that is the direction that I was headed before my junior year of college. I changed the direction of my life toward public service, and the study of public administration.
Now is the time to go back to the basics to take this chance to do something that I really want to do, before it becomes time to do what has to be done. I do want to be a professor someday. I would like to teach public administration, study the future of technology in government, and spend my entire lifetime learning. That said, I do not really know what I am going to do with the next year.
What I do know is that Hyphen likes California. I might end up going out to Washington, D.C. to work on some software. I might end up going slightly west coast for a Denver Omelet. All I know is that one day it will all make sense, until then that day comes I secretly hope that my car stops exploding.

One thought on “Hyphen Say’s California

  1. Nels, are you saying that you are going to be a rich, Republican Corporate Lawyer??? You need to come out to Cali ASAP for some libral-pinko-commie influence. 😉

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