Considering goals

Understanding the final destination is part of the challenge of defining a series of personal or professional goals. Over time, it is easy to get set in a routine that sustains the status quo without striving to achieve at a higher level for a higher purpose. Determining a set of well-defined goals and objectives that are not part of the day-to-day routine is about expanding possibility instead of muddling through the journey known as life. Living in the land of opportunity is about understanding possibility and accepting that in the midst of life experiences are choices. One of the side effects of free will is the fact that choice defines what paths will guide the journey that is life. For most people reality is a dynamic that forces choices that minimize potential risk while maximizing short-term gains. However if every game is played out to win a series of self serving battles for short-term maximization long-term prospects might not be given the strategic importance they deserve. Finding and developing opportunities that help realize long-term strategic goals have to be part of the daily routine to be effective.