Sunday Shoe Shopping

Yesterday, the better part of the day was spent roaming around the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado, which was a fun and interesting experience. Part of the adventure was about getting to see the Air Force Academy, Colorado College, and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs buildings scattered throughout the maze of curving roads that divide the city. Colorado is a strange and wondrous state that offers mountains as a backdrop to strategically placed cities and a multitude of opportunities to enjoy the natural wonders the state has to offer.
Today started with some crackers and peanut butter and quickly turned into a Sunday shoe-shopping marathon. Between visits to the sports store, the mall, and a sporting goods store shoes were available in quantities that were bordering on obscene. One thing was certain about the shoe-shopping marathon the National Football League was not providing quality games on the schedule this Sunday. Despite the fact, that Boulder, Colorado, shows fewer National Football League games each week than anyone would expect with several hundred digital cable television channels. First, the National Football Game should make sure to show the local games in each region, but league also needs to make sure that other competitive games are available. Second, the facts surrounding the current situation are very clear the National Football League is having a down year in the content category. Some games are simply not enjoyable to watch even for the diehard football fan that watches every game broadcast in the region.

One thought on “Sunday Shoe Shopping

  1. OMG Nelson. I see by visiting your photo page that you have visited the heralded BLACK CANYON of the GUNNISON. This is my old stomping ground!! Gunnison, Montrose, Ridgeway, Auray….I learned to fly fish many moons ago in the river at the base of that majestic canyon. I love the Sierra Nevadas. Looking at those pics took me back to good times. Thanks!

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