Monday inspiration

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and the drive from Boulder, Colorado, to Kansas City, Kansas, is starting to loom over the rest of the week. Driving across the great State of Kansas is never really a fun activity, but it is a necessary part of being able to participate in family activities. Next week will include all sorts of wedding related discussions and the specific duty of seeking consultation with establishments that rent tuxedos. Naturally, Joni has stared an intensive tuxedo consultation motivated reminder campaign to ensure that at some point during the trip action on the issue occurs. Maybe the campaign involves an attempt to cross something off the list of items requiring completion in a timely fashion. Regardless of schedule or requirements for the trip to Kansas City, several important milestones will occur during the next week. At some point during the next week, documents related to the dissertation process will travel across the internet to a digital drop box in a virtual classroom. Maybe focusing attention on the importance of completing the dissertation prospectus and proposal has magnified the process. Certainly, attention is necessary since the prospectus and the proposal are the documents that potential advisors and committee members are going to review.