At the end of the Honeymoon

After moving all the stuff out of the apartment to the new house, it was time to travel to Kansas for the wedding. Traveling back to Kansas on an aircraft is a better alternative than spending the entire day driving on the highways. Over two hundred people attended the wedding in Wichita, Kansas. Without question, the decision to have the reception immediately after the wedding was the best possible alternative to renting a ballroom. People really seemed to appreciate being able to attend the reception without having to drive to a new location. Almost everyone that attended the wedding ceremony attended the wedding reception in Wichita, Kansas, thanks in part to the convenient location.
Part of the wedding celebration plans called for a second reception to meet the couple in Kansas City, Kansas. After spending, an entire week completing a series of post-wedding planning tasks the reception was a welcome break from running errands. Between the frozen margarita machine and the chocolate fountain, everyone seemed to enjoy the reception. Tequila Harry’s Mexican food restaurant catered the meet the couple reception in Kansas City. Enough people attended the reception to fill a large tent in the backyard.
Over a full week after the wedding, it was time to leave for the honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. Even a complete change in scenery was not enough to forget about the large pile of thank-you-notes that needed attention or the looming U-Haul drive to Colorado. Something about all inclusive resort vacations is inherently calming. Reducing the most complex decision of the day to considering what to have for dinner is a welcome simplification. Considering all of the alternatives involved both receptions and the wedding went very well.