Park Vacation Planning

Thanks in part to the recent cabin fever associated with waiting for Peppercorn the dog’s hind leg to heal planning a national park vacation has become a topic of conversation. After watching a few episodes about various national parks in HDTV (High Definition Television) on the Discovery Channel the cabin fever intensified. I recently learned about Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. After seeming images of Wizard Island in Crater Lake National Park I was ready to get into the car and drive.

Peppercorn the dog has never been to any national parks. Joni and I are fairly sure that Peppercorn the dog will be a major fan of the national park system. Before rescuing Peppercorn the dog planning trips throughout the United States of America was as simple as getting in the car and driving. Now part of the trip planning process involves paying attention to the details. Visiting the national parks in the State of Utah might be an easier adventure than traveling thousands of miles to get to Oregon.