Inside the Actors Studio

I recently watched an episode of Inside the Actors Studio. The show is hosted by James Lipton of Pace University. Each show focuses on an extended interview of a famous thespian. Eddie Murphy as a guest defiantly caught my attention. James Lipton asked Eddie Murphy to recite the high school yearbook quotation Murphy had written. Eddie Murphy promptly without any assistance recited the quote, “In reality, all men are (we are all) sculptors, constantly chipping away the unwanted parts of their lives, trying to create a masterpiece.”

I was surprised by Eddy Murphy’s quote. After reflecting on the meaning of Eddy Murphy’s quote I started to think about which Eddy Murphy movies were memorable. My top five favorite Eddie Murphy movies, in no particular order, are Trading Places, Coming to America, The Distinguished Gentlemen, Showtime, and Beverly Hills Cop. If I wanted to speculate about which Eddie Murphy movie will survive the test of time, then the easy answer would probably be the animated blockbuster Shrek and the less obvious choice would be the 1983 classic social commentary Trading Paces.