Sea World San Diego Review

Nels was able to experience Sea World San Diego during the Borys wedding festival weekend. Traveling provides the opportunity for unique experiences outside the confines of traditional normative processes. Routines dominate daily life. Average citizens thrive within the rigid constructs of predictable environments. Sea World San Diego follows precise schedules and provides carefully documented and managed encounters within the bounds of exhibits.

Tourists with maps wonder the exhibits. Sea World San Diego has a large number of killer whales. Trainers work with the killer whales to master certain behaviors that maximize crowd interaction. For the ticket price, Sea World San Diego should provide access to a larger number of interactive exhibits. As a transaction, the ticket purchase guarantees a guest the opportunity to experience the Shamu killer whale show and the dolphin show.

High ticket prices probably reduce the total number of guests. Overall, Sea world San Diego was very clean and has reasonable amenities. Almost every exhibit concludes with a walk through a gift shop. The total amount of merchandise available for purchase easily outpaces demand by a factor of ten. For most visitors the central motivation for taking the trip involves being able to see the trainers interact with killer whales. Dolphins of course also attract significant audiences.