Post Fedora Installation Notes

Nels has made the switch to Fedora 10.0 as a primary operating system. Being a first in the pool sort of adventurer, Nels utilizes complete immersion to learn about new technology. Nels has used a variety of other Linux flavors over the years. Unfortunately, Nels had never considered running one of the new versions of Fedora. Traditionally, Fedora has a strong relationship to previous incarnations of Red Hat Linux. Nels still has a collection of old school Red Hat installation compact discs sitting on the bookshelf.

Given the daily duties of writing the first priority after Fedora installation involved selecting a method of word processing. After looking at Open Office, Nels started investigating alternatives. One alternative method of word processing involves transitioning to Google Docs Beta. Unfortunately, Google Gears does not work with the current build of Mozilla Firefox version 3.0.10 running on Fedora 10.0 x86_64. The lack of Google Gears means Google Docs Beta can only initialize with internet access. Working with Google Docs offline will be impossible. Downloading all of the documents to a local computer requires Google Gears offline access.