2009 Podcast Favorites

Not only does a good podcast need to be entertaining enough to keep the listener actively engaged, but also the podcast has to be informative. Over the last few years, podcasts have come and gone. Some podcasts are inherently better than other podcasts. Only the best make the top ten favorite podcast favorites list. This year only podcasts that are entertaining, informative, and updated regularly populate the list. Results for the 2009 podcast favorites list derive from personal preference. All personal preferences develop from exposure to various podcast.

  1. NPR: Science Friday
  2. The Heritage Foundation
  3. Science @ NASA
  4. C-SPAN – Podcast of the Week
  5. NASACast: Solar System
  6. The Dennis Miller Show DMZ
  7. NASACast: Universe
  8. NASACast: Shuttle & Station
  9. ESPN Radio: The Best of Mike and Mike
  10. C-SPAN – After Words

Honorable Mentions (Alphabetical)

  • BBC Global News
  • C-SPAN – The Communicators
  • ESPN: The Sports Reporters
  • Gate World Podcast
  • NASACast: Earth
  • NASACast: This week @NASA
  • Nova PBS Podcasts
  • Spitzer Space Telescope
  • The Economist