Restructuring News Presentation

The following represents a few initial thoughts on news presentation. Oversupply creates a certain degree of crowding within the news reporting industry. A simple solution exists to the problem. Change the methodology of news presentation. Change can start with websites devoted to the aggregation of news related content. Editors should divide news related content into four categories. Only a solid crew of devoted editors can successfully organize the news. Within the Lindahl model for news presentation, division of categories should be in column form including meaningful news, relevant news, interesting news, and considered news.

The following explanation of the Lindahl model for news presentation is a work in progress for information purposes only. Theoretical models for content analysis require consideration and evaluation before any consideration of implementation.

1) Meaningful News: This category should contain the smallest number of news stories. Most news stories are not meaningful within the greater context of society. Meaningful news advances society by contributing to the greater socially shared history. Meaningful news stories describe significant influence on communities of purpose, place, interest, and circumstance.

2) Relevant News: News stories that provide additional information about meaningful events are relevant news stories. Relevant news stories are important to the greater public conversation.

3) Interesting News: Obscure scientific breakthroughs are interesting. Opening a national park or even opening the worlds biggest something would be interesting but not relevant or meaningful news.

4) Considered News: All of the uncategorized news stories the editors consider. If the news story does not rise to the standard of meaningful, relevant, or interesting, then the story belongs in the considered news category.

The next essay on the Lindahl model of news presentation will include an analysis of categorization examples. The essay will include a four column table full of examples of meaningful news, relevant news, interesting news, and considered news.