Fedora 11 Leonidas Review

Fedora (formerly known as Red Hat) Linux version 11 codename “Leonidas” has been officially released for public download. Prudence suggests waiting a few days for the download speeds to increase. Today the direct download of the Fedora-11-x86_64-DVD.iso will take about one hour.

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The Fedora 11 codename “Leonidas” Linux installation went flawlessly, but one of the SATA hard disk drive is failing from bad sectors. The computer build begins with a CODEGEN S-201 server case. The case holds one ATX motherboard and eleven 5.25-inch drives. In this case, the case stores a classic GIGABYTE GA-K8N Pro motherboard. The motherboard sports one AMD Athlon 64 processor, three gigabytes of DDR400 memory, and two onboard SATA interfaces. Western Digital built both of the 7200 rpm SATA hard disk drives stored in the sever case. The older of the two SATA hard disk drives has started failing due to bad sectors. Unfortunately, the Western Digital hard disk drive is only a few years old.

A search for a new SATA hard disk drive will include both online and traditional computer warehouses. After replacing the failing SATA hard disk drive, the Fedora Linux will have to be reinstalled. Definitive updates will be provided when the hard disk failure has been addressed.