The Official NelsCAST 101 Transcript

Begin Transcript: Welcome to the NelsCAST live broadcast for Wednesday June 24, 2009. This is your host Nels Lindahl broadcasting live from six thousand feet above sea level in majestically beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. And now a mandatory programming reminder… the NelsCAST occurs at zero nine hundred Mountain Time every Wednesday fifty two weeks a year. Please note, the official NelsCAST listener chat starts forty five minutes before the show and concludes fifteen minutes after the show. Rain or shine, so make sure to mark your calendars.

Please excuse any audio difficulties today. Today is the inaugural voyage of the NelsCAST. Without any alpha or beta testing the NelsCAST demonstration today involves both the initial broadcast experience and the first real equipment test. Blog Talk Radio is currently hosting the NelsCAST. Blog Talk Radio provides free podcasting/broadcasting to anyone with a computer, internet connection, and long distance capable phone. Brining the ability to broadcast to the people fundamentally changes the dynamics of the public commons. No public commons would exist without the ability to engage in dialogue with the people. Our common shared experiences help define how we interact with the community. Without shared experiences, communication within the community would be exceptionally difficult.

Today the over the top information presentation will include discussion of several topics deemed interesting by the host and sometimes only by the host. Todays broadcast is brought to you by tacos… if tacos had a lobby in Washington, D.C., then democracy and the social fabric of America would be stronger.

Today the NelsCAST will not feature any scheduled guests. In fact, no guests were contacted during the NelsCAST production meetings. In fact, the NelsCAST production meetings rarely involve any degree of productivity.

…and now the NelsCAST monologue. Now would be a good time to introduce a roadmap for future episodes of the NelsCAST. However, for no apparent reason the broadcast contingency plan will be discussed. In the event of all out failure, the backup topics for the show will include tacos, cancelled science fiction television shows, futurist style ruminations, or discussion of the fine art of barbeque. Otherwise, the NelsCAST will focus on a featured topic selected by the host. Initially, the NelsCAST was going to be forum for presenting a weekly essay. However, given the weblog provides a forum for presenting essays the NelsCAST had to go in a different direction.

Callers will be welcome only after the completion of the opening monologue.

Today’s feature topic will involve the perpetual expansion and contraction of free communication technology. A multitude of social networking software implementations exist. Currently, the mass market media has become infatuated with Twitter. Functionally, Twitter provides users with an asynchronous short message relay service. Even your host users Twitter. Micro blogging takes less time and honestly allows the user to deal with an array of topics quickly. Sometimes a topic does not merit taking the time write a comprehensive weblog post.

Blog talk radio presents social networking features that allow people to interact. That interaction builds a social network within a specific community of users. That community of users is limited compared to the total number of internet users. For example, broadcast/podcast falls within the category of technology. However, a multitude of categories exist within Blog Talk Radio. Certain listeners are only interested in certain topics that they find interesting, so, that really defines the audience of who is listening. Blog Talk Radio even provides listeners with the ability to chat with the host. The whole audience of available listeners.

How does podcasting work? In general, people record podcasts to be able to share information asynchronously. How many people download podcasts? iTunes has made a cottage industry out of podcasts. [This portion of the transcript did not get transcribed]

Now the broadcast will turn to the phone lines… Contingency planning for this broadcast will involve an extensive discussion of Tacos. The mass production of tacos has lowered the quality and public expectations for tacos. Expect more from your tacos. Demand more from your taco provides. Nothing says ultimate snacking experience like the taco.

The second contingency plan involves reading weblog posts…

  1. Sand Creek Driving Range Weblog Post
  2. Best Kansas City BBQ Sauces Weblog Post
  3. Brinkmann Square Vertical Smoker Purchase Weblog Post

Special thanks go out to the legions of NelsCAST listeners. All guests and callers appearing on today’s NelsCAST deserve some congratulations. This has been the zero nine hundred Mountain Time zone NelsCAST for Wednesday June 24, 2009. This is your host Nels Lindahl signing off from six thousand feet above sea level in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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