Permanent Speech Essay

Essay, “Permanent Speech: Politics in the age of permanence.” A new world is emerging. The intersection of technology and modernity is almost complete. A new generation of politicians is beginning to emerge. The very nature of civil society is changing. Permanent speech is about to become a reality. Everything, every moment, every utterance an individual makes will be searchable. This new change will make the politicians of the past obsolete. The new generation of politicians will be accountable. Complete searchable databases of individual utterances will define the political landscape. Real honest accountability will fundamentally transform politics. Instant reliable on demand a recall of individual utterances will ensure accountability. Do not underestimate this new politics. A politics of permanent speech will define the age of permanence. Never again will politicians say different things in front of different crowds. Permanent speech could be an isolated phenomenon. However, the age of the Internet will intersect with the age of permanence. Within this change a new world order will develop. An order based on transparency, accountability, and reality.

What is permanent speech? What is permanent? What is permanence?

Permanent speech occurs when recording devices (audio, visual, or both) save all individual utterances into a searchable publicly accessible database. In the future, as technology interests with modernity the ability to make utterances permanent exists. Object permanence describes a concept where the individual understands that even when an object is not directly observable anymore the object can still exist. Permanence within the context of speech describes the possibility that all utterances could continue to exist indefinitely.