Brisket Smoking Questions

After asking the question, “What is the best method for smoking a brisket?” something funny happened. Arguments quickly developed around the question, “How do you smoke a brisket?” How does the best available research related to brisket smoking answer the question? Apparently, barbeque/barbecue/BBQ represents a unique epicurean art form defined by a combination of practice and patience.

Now on to an even bigger and probably more important question, “How do you make burnt ends?” Burt ends could be a part of a smoked brisket. Burnt ends typically describe the edges of the bridges. However, in theory any part of the brisket could be cubed and returned to the smoker with additional sauce for extra smoking.

Today for example, as an experiment a few large and small cubed pieces of brisket went into the oven with a small amount of sauce. After about an hour at two hundred and twenty five degrees Fahrenheit, the brisket pieces reasonably resembled burnt ends. Proper burnt ends involve a simple preparation technique involving careful preparation including initial smoking, cubing, storage in a pan, and a return to the smoker.

Unresolved BBQ smoker related questions…

  1. How often do you add wood to a vertical smoker? (BBQ smoker wood addition frequency) Should a barbeque enthusiast add wood to a barbeque every hour or every half hour? During the initial barbequing endeavor, about five small chunks of hickory wood went on the coals every thirty minutes.
  2. Do the smoker temperatures matter with respect to the smoke ring?
  3. How many ingredients are included in the most complex barbeque brisket rub?
  4. How often should barbeque enthusiasts replace the charcoal when using a vertical barbeque smoker?
  5. What temperature should a vertical smoker sustain when cooking brisket?
  6. How should a brisket be cooked in a smoker to avoid having to finish the brisket in the oven?