Dell Studio 15 BSOD

Question: Could the Creative Labs integrated webcam driver have been causing the horrible blue screen of death (BSOD) on countless Dell Studio 15 laptops?

Answer: Theoretically, a bad webcam driver could have been the root cause of the Dell Studio 15 BSOD restarts… Strangely, the Dell customer service representative called the issue a Blue Screen failure… Windows Vista would suddenly restart then offer to connect to the internet to find a potential solution to the serious problem. Unfortunately, Windows Vista never suggested a solution to the problem of random operating system restarts. One online forum suggested that an older driver should replace the current Creative Labs integrated webcam driver. A quick visit to a Dell support webpage provided the opportunity to download the older drive. After downloading the driver package and checking the driver package with basic virus scanning software installation was seamless. However, the installation of the driver did require a complete system restart.