Unperpetual Interruptions

…and now on a side note a stranger from beyond the borders of the nation stands up and exclaims, “Please allow the individual standing in front of the audience today to be so bold as to begin an unsolicited introduction to the very nature of reality and the universe in general.” The speech continued uninterrupted for about thirty minutes. Most of the people in the room were eating dinner. A few of the conversations continued at a whisper throughout the speakers remarks.

A thinker sitting toward the back of the room and taking notes on a pad of paper about the stranger mused, “The following prose most certainly represents a few words about happenstance and the nature of reality that allowed the events of today to unfold unchecked by a profound sense of self censorship. Dispositionality degraded the last remaining elements of continuity remaining within civil society. Few individuals pay attention to society. Individuals muddle through the normative game of social interconnectivity.” The notes would probably never know the sobering light of day.

Awake from the notions and questions a sense of commonly shared reality builds. The audience unknowingly bridged the increasing rarity of the public commons and the rugged individual. Vastly complex interconnected networks build increasingly specialized areas of commons. A grand public commons that unites civil society remains elusive. Breakdowns in communication describe the computerized oversupply of information increasingly expanding at a strangely infinite pace.

Could this prose build from a few disjointed notes?

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