Considering Writing Habits

Sometimes it is a good idea to begin the day with a few written thoughts. Recently on a personal level, the fine art of writing has taken on two distinct methodologies. First, one potential methodology for striving forward involves unleashing a focused productivity results from intentionally writing on a defined subject. Second, a stream of consciousness writer achieves productivity by simply engaging in the habit of writing. Achieving stream of consciousness writing involves simply picking up a pen and writing on paper or utilizing a keyboard to type. In either case, the writer simply engages in the habit of writing for an undefined amount of time. Both of the aforementioned writing methodologies are capable of managing extreme productivity.

For professional writers, working with a stream of consciousness methodology can be a guilty pleasure. Most professional writing involves a certain degree of focused productivity. Professionals typically pick a subject and strive toward fundamental understanding and explanation. Subject selection can be easy or in some cases increasingly complex. For the purposes of understanding a subject, professionals engage in research or exploration. At times, the very act of researching a subject fundamentally transforms the nature of writing about the topic. However, now would be a good time to acknowledge enough writing on the subject of professional writing exists.

A few previous notes on the subject have discussed the habit of writing. Beginning to nurture the habit of writing involves picking a time and place and actively writing every day. This suggestion might sound simplistic. However, sometimes the simple suggestions are the best suggestions. For some individuals, taking fifteen minutes a day to write can be the key starting point toward strengthening the habit of writing. Consider the possibility of purchasing a notebook or pad of paper and writing for about fifteen minutes without stopping every morning. Outside the confines of this exercise, a number of alternatives for writing exist. Typically, for this writer the first hour of the day involves the production of stream of consciousness prose. Later in the day, subject specific writing always dominates the writing schedule.

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