NelsCAST Scheduling Considerations

…a few thoughts about NelsCAST scheduling considerations. Andy from Chicago seems to think the NelsCAST needs to get back on a regular broadcast schedule. Obviously, podcasts require delivery within framework with a stable frequency for the proliferation of the content to gain a heightened rate of dispersion throughout the internet. For the next few weeks, internet broadcast scheduling might be a problem. Employment has significantly altered previous scheduling considerations.

The NelsCAST will always be a weekday project that shuns any kind of weekend involvement. Maybe the future of the NelsCAST will include early morning weekday bandit broadcasts from a remote bunker located somewhere in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In this case, by remote bunker the operationally defined phrase in question more accurately describes an indescript unfinished suburban basement.

However, back to the central premise of this introspective soliloquy… the NelsCAST should probably return to the regularly scheduled Wednesday evening broadcast about Wednesday September 16, 2009. A few rules exist about the NelsCAST. First, the previously established Wednesday programming protocol requires consideration. Second, for financial reasons, the internet broadcast of the NelsCAST needs to occur before zero six hundred Mountain Standard Time and after twenty one hundred Mountain Standard Time to avoid random charges from the cellular phone company. Third, the NelsCAST should occur after the sunset and before sunrise.

…and that represents the conclusion of the aforementioned thoughts about NelsCAST scheduling.