Windows 7 Day 1

Peppercorn the dog will be dressing as a pumpkin for Halloween 2009. Naturally, a shark outfit was purchased online for Peppercorn the dog. Unfortunately, the yearly demand for shark costumes for dogs outpaces the supply. Next time people interested in shark costumes for dogs should consider making an offseason purchase to avoid the Halloween rush for outlandish costuming.

Today marks the first official day of Windows 7 usage on the Dell Studio 1535. Previously, on the ‘dealing with Windows’ show a graphics driver problem created a scenario where the addition of multiple computer monitors to the Dell Studio 1535 resulted in the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). For a writer that uses the computer to enhance productivity the BSOD represents a devastating moment. Almost every day the BSOD occurred at some point. Theoretically, upgrading from the Windows Vista operating system to Windows 7 operating system will resolve this previously known Microsoft system problem. Nothing about an operating system is more frustrating than a known and unresolved error. If the problem can be identified, then Microsoft should take the time to resolve the problem.