Televised Football Games

Watching college football generally involves locating the big game on seemingly randomly assigned television channel. National Football League (NFL) games are typically available on a handful of channels. Each week with the NFL involves the question, “What games are on?” Every Sunday a few NFL games are always going to be televised and are always going to be exciting. With college football the television schedule is highly variable and fairly difficult to explain. In general, college football typically involves either a strong alumni base following the team or a genuine national interest in team. National rankings help people indentify matchups that could provide high quality televised entertainment.

Throughout the years, being a fan of the University of Kansas football program has been a challenging endeavor. A few years ago the games were a quiet place to enjoy a leisurely afternoon while eating food sold from overpriced snack bars. Those days of empty stadium seating and quiet environments have come to an end. However, locating televised games featuring the University of Kansas football program remains incredibly challenging. Purchasing high priced college football packages seems like an unrealistic option. The pay per view model within college sports always seems somewhat overpriced.

Based on the viewership numbers people are consistently watching football games on television. The viewership trends will probably continue throughout the foreseeable future.