Podcast Review 2009

Over the grand passage of time podcasts appear and disappear without rhyme or reason. During exceptionally long drives it seems like a good idea to procure and deploy a series of audio based podcasts instead of investing in audio books. During the course of the last year the following podcast ratings have been developed based on a combination of specific experiences and personal preferences.

  1. NPR Science Friday
  2. The Dennis Miller Show
  3. ESPN Radio Best of Mike & Mike
  4. The Heritage Foundation Podcast
  5. C-SPAN Podcast of the week
  6. ESPN Radio Thundering Herd
  7. ESPN: PTI
  8. C-SPAN After Words
  9. C-SPAN The Communicators
  10. Gate World Podcast
  11. NASA Blueshift
  12. NOVA PBS Podcast
  13. The Official Mark Levin Show

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