In defense of Bo Jackson

In defense of Bo Jackson: Bo knows baseball; @royalsreview (Royals Review) must not know Bo. We now live in an age of stardom and fame for all the wrong reasons. Bo Jackson represents the pinnacle of two sport superstardom. No other Royals player who has or will ever suit up in the cool blue glory commanded the same degree of talent as Bo Jackson. Statisticians might fault a star for burning too brightly. In the case of ranking Bo Jackson as a Kansas City Royal should the statistics be compared year to year or career to career? Baseball has long been associated with complex statistical questions. As a sport baseball is defined by both great seasons and great careers. Somebody could bother to rank the professional baseball careers of the top 100 Kansas City Royals; I would argue this comparison lacks validity. The better and more obvious question would be to evaluate the top 100 single seasons in the history of the Kansas City Royals.

I will be working toward a post directed @RoyalProcess (Trust the Process Kansas City) unveiling the top 100 individual player seasons in the history of the Kansas City Royals.