Considering the Writing Process

Maybe today is the day to figure everything out. I am at the point in the process where considering the writing process reviewed would be prudent. Right now I am stuck at the airport with a reservoir of nervous energy about traveling combined with a free wireless internet and the time to write about whatever. Writing over the last year has been difficult. Sometimes hypergraphia does not produce usable results. A compelling need to write can sometimes result in writing sessions that produce nearly incoherent late night steam of consciousness prose generation. Rarely does a late night writing session ever present a case where it would be beneficial to translate a notebook of late night prose into a digital format.

Now would be the time to intellectually change directions. A few questions remain about selecting a new direction. So what (types of things) really matters for the next year? What needs to be done differently during the course of the next year? Transitioning from the random generation of stream of consciousness prose to the production of either technical writing or academic style journal articles represents a fundamental change in production. Throughout the course of an entire year the time exists to devote to a multitude of writing projects.

Typically, the best method of high quality (meaningful) writing involves following the various waves of emotion that drive the writing process. Sometimes the process of technical or academic writing can require drawing inspiration from other sources, but the principles of writing remain the same. If the subject does not hold the writers interest, then the possibility of captivating the reader remain extremely limited. Maybe returning to the days of a well defined writing schedule would help increase productivity.