Vegetarianism Experiment

After the conclusion of the vegetarianism experiment, I thought it would be a good idea to centralize all of my commentary related to the project.

Salsa Gordo Perezoso del Hombre
Salsa Gordo Perezoso del Hombre
  1. (Vegetarianism experiment day 1/40) Breakfast was difficult today; I had to avoid the fast food rush after an early dentist appointment. #
  2. (Vegetarianism experiment day 2/40) The big test today will be the drive home from work. #
  3. (Vegetarianism experiment day 2/40) Dinner tonight included a roasted potato taco and a spicy bean burrito. Tomorrow should be exciting! #
  4. (Vegetarianism experiment day 3/40) Tonight my work week will conclude without a celebratory taco. The weekend will be difficult. #
  5. (Vegetarianism experiment day 3/40) Special thanks should be extended to the Chipotle Mexican Grill for providing a vegetarian burrito. #
  6. (Vegetarianism experiment day 4/40) Today started with an early morning trip to the donut store for a dozen mixed. #
  7. (Vegetarianism experiment day 4/40) @andyphelan45 Yes the donut run included bear claws, cinnamon twists, and chocolate glazed donuts. #
  8. (Vegetarianism experiment day 5/40) Will the snowstorm this week inspire a vegetarian chili rendition? Anybody got a recipe? #
  9. (Vegetarianism experiment day 6/40) This may be a tough week. I think working extra long hours will not support a healthy vegetarian diet. #
  10. (Vegetarianism experiment day 7/40) Nobody really sells vegetarian fast food on the way home from the late shift. #
  11. (Vegetarianism experiment day 8/40) I really wanted a celebratory cheeseburger, taco, or steak for the IRB news, but alas… #
  12. (Vegetarianism experiment day 9/40) Friday night at the end of the week always seems to be the prefect time for a burger… #
  13. (Vegetarianism experiment day 10/40) Apparently, Burger King sells a veggie burger; so that Friday night burger and fries happened… #
  14. (Vegetarianism experiment day 11/40) Revisiting the Burger King veggie burger seems like a good idea… #
  15. (Vegetarianism experiment day 11/40) The Chipotle Mexican Grill makes a fantastic vegetarian burrito; however, they close far too early… #
  16. (Vegetarianism experiment day 12/40) Last night around midnight the Burger King veggie burger did not come with fresh fries… #
  17. (Vegetarianism experiment day 13/40) Last night involved a bean and rice burrito; it seems vegetarianism requires making a commitment. #
  18. (Vegetarianism experiment day 14/40) After two weeks of vegetarianism research both breakfast and lunch seem easier to handle than dinner. #
  19. (Vegetarianism experiment day 15/40) The first two weeks of the vegetarianism experiment are complete. Does that call for a tofu taco? #
  20. (Vegetarianism experiment day 16/40) A few beers and a complete bar food menu @The_FoxandHound just might test my vegetarian diet… #
  21. (Vegetarianism experiment day 17/40) The key to the vegetarian diet seems to be early morning protein supplements (and coffee). #
  22. (Vegetarianism experiment day 18/40) I need to break my routines. Eating the same series of foods every week seems monotonous… #
  23. (Vegetarianism experiment day 19/40) Avoiding meat is the easy part; however, going completely vegetarian requires understanding food. #
  24. (Vegetarianism experiment day 20/40) For some reason locating an order of nachos seems to be at the forefront of food considerations today. #
  25. (Vegetarianism experiment day 21/40) Friday night normally involves tacos; tonight might include a quesadilla, tostada, or bean burrito. #
  26. (Vegetarianism experiment day 24/40) The drive to break my vegetarian diet barely exists anymore; I may have turned the corner. #
  27. (Vegetarianism experiment day 25/40) Should vegetarians take additional vitamin supplements? #
  28. (Vegetarianism experiment day 28/40) Most snacks devoted to the current March Madness are not vegetarian… #
  29. (Vegetarianism experiment day 29/40) Today and throughout the week a major point of interest will be avoiding energy drinks. #
  30. (Vegetarianism experiment day 31/40) Vegetarian sandwiches always seem like a great idea; however, rarely do they ever provide satisfaction. #
  31. (Vegetarianism experiment day 34/40) Today will involve vegetarian burritos from Chipotle and DVR episodes of Pawn Stars. #
  32. (Vegetarianism experiment day 35/40) The homestretch seems almost illusory. What are the best vegetarian multi-vitamins or supplements? #
  33. (Vegetarianism experiment day 38/40) Only two days left in the project. Unfortunately, last night my celebratory nachos lacked jalapeños. #
  34. (Vegetarianism experiment day 40/40) Some experiments turn out to be more difficult and complex than expected… #