Revolutionary Considerations

Yesterday was an interesting day on the grind at work. The never ending wisdom of the crowd seemed to be outsourcing humanity without remorse or hesitation. Unbridled aggression without any purpose, logic, or reason rarely accomplishes anything meaningful. Maybe at that point even the most basic accomplishment would stand for something. A day or two of perspective might clean everything up and make even the most complex considerations appear well defined. The work week concluded last night without any significant revolutions. A self imposed cool down of twenty minutes seemed necessary at the end of the night.

In response to the evening the morning started out with a search for biscuits. Throughout the entire search for breakfast a Blu-ray/DVD combo package of James Cameron’s Avatar was waiting at home. Unfortunately, James had to wait as the hunt for completed survey questionnaires continued. At some point, the dissertation project will be complete. Until that major milestone is complete every weekend is devoted to a combination of cleaning the house and striving toward some degree of academic productivity.

Strangely enough the last week has involved discussions of mobile technology. Within the discussion the relative merits of both BlackBerry devices and various Droid (Android) systems received consideration. Most of the discussion and consideration about the mobile devices centered on a combination of debating the merits of electronic mail (email) and mobile internet access. Right now the technological trajectory seems to be leading up to the inevitable purchase of a BlackBerry device.