Marathon Writing Weekend 3.0

This weekend will be a true test my writing skills.

The process of working during weekdays and writing during weekends seems to be taking an unusual toll on my general everyday level of courtesy and manners. However, I can say without reservation that everything seems to be coming together throughout the month of July. The writing process seems to be requiring longer periods of uninterrupted time. The marathon writing session seemed to bring everything together by advancing the project. This weekend will more or less be a marathon editing session focused on finalizing a complete draft of the dissertation project. Now would be the time to complete the project.

Joni seems to think that purchasing the HTC EVO 4G Android operating system based phone should coincide with my completion of my current writing project. Maybe this directive is part of a motivational technique to encourage extreme productivity by snatching victory from the jaws of procrastinations defeat.

The prize of a new HTC EVO 4G awaits!