Giving up television

Over the next few days a prolific amount of overtime will be worked. Maybe now is a great time to start small and give up television for the weekend. Sure enough, everything involved in this plan started small enough. Giving up television for a day was easy enough, but somehow unfulfilling. Maybe fiving up television on the day that LeBron James elected to join the Miami Heat basketball was not the best choice in history.

The decision might seem symbolic in some way. I assure that any symbolism is coincidental and in no way intended (consciously or subconsciously). Pretty much the only degree of higher thought that occurred today (in any way shape or form) involved developing a plan to change my work schedule to something earlier in the morning.

Plus Sprint keeps paying for televised advertisements to taunt people who are trying to acquire the HTC EVO 4G. Why does Sprint keep hoarding the phone from customers? I mean really; given the current marketplace supply problems Sprint is facing as a company the whole situation is rather insensitive to a very large market of unsatisfied consumers.

On a somewhat related, but otherwise tangential note here are a few podcasts that are being loaded on my Zune to provide entertainment during the commute to work:

  1. The Dennis Miller Radio Show
  2. C-SPAN podcast of the week
  3. Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour
  4. The Heritage Foundation events podcast
  5. This week at NASA
  6. NPR Science Friday
  7. Scientific America 60-second science

On a Zune related note: my trial Zune music pass has been working splendidly over the last few days. Feel free to send me any music suggestions that might spice up my now unlimited music collection. I typically listen to a combination of fusion guitar, rock, metal, and alternative music.

*** Revised and edited on July 9, 2010 ***