Could today involve some live blogging? Maybe; the waiting process will certainly inspire a certain degree of nervous energy that could very well result in the generation of stream of consciousness prose.

I finally broke down and got my name placed on a waiting list for the HTC EVO 4G. Let me say officially and without any qualification, waiting for the call from the Sprint store this morning seems to be taking an eternity.

When will the HTC 4G EVO arrive?
When will they finally call?
How long will it take to get to the store?

Speculation; enjoy it or fight it, but eventually you will end up accepting that it exists and moving on to something else. The internet is a large (incredibly large) space full of plenty of content to mesmerize even the most enthusiastic connoisseur of speculative thought.

Acquiring this particular phone seems to have been a Herculean challenge that defied reason and logic. Typically, a company as large as Sprint would attempt to find a supplier that could manage to deliver a significant quantity of products. The current shortage of HTC EVO 4G devices could either be a part supply problem or corporate mismanagement. Theoretically, the part supply problem could be part of a competitor’s evil plot to shrink HTC market share.

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The morning shipment from HTC never materialized and the waiting game started to see if a 4:00 PM (CST) delivery would occur. Getting the HTC EVO 4G might actually be harder than getting placed on a list. Why Sprint has refused to allow people to preorder the device who are wiling to wait for shipment defies reason.