Yesterday could have been the big day. The joy of technology acquisition was in the air.
Hope existed at an unprecedented level. Most of the day was spent waiting for a call from the Sprint store in Derby, Kansas. Calls had been placed to a few stores in the area to locate the exact location for the next delivery of HTC EVO 4G phones.

Last night involved drinks at Mike’s Wine Dive in Wichita, Kansas. Joni’s ten year high school reunion seemed almost surreal. Something about the entire reunion process only hits home right before walking into the door. Right before the reunion drinks we had the privilege of attending a wedding reception. Everything really hits home when you take a figurative uppercut from a metaphor. Maybe it was the dumbfounded look of a high school sophomore contemplating the ancient nature of a ten year high school reunion or the realization that an entire decade had passed, but the night took on a bit of introspective melodrama.

Naturally, Amanda had the HTC EVO 4G and recommended purchasing it as soon as possible. Somebody at Mike’s Wine Diver was even playing Super Mario Brothers on the HTC EVO. At some point perhaps the overwhelming avalanche of evidence and recommendations supporting the HTC EVO 4G will inspire the purchase of two of the devices with a backup Blackberry hanging out in third place.

In any event after the major technology acquisition failure that occurred on Friday only one real solution exists. Sure camping out at the local Sprint store would be an option, but placing an order for the phones online might be the only way to move forward.