Colorado Springs BBQ Questions

Speculative inquiry:

After the initial move to Colorado Springs back in 2006 a local barbeque (BBQ) tasting program was initialized. Based in part on location it seemed easier to try restaurants from the east side to the west side of town. Recently, the project has slowed down and needs to be rapidly reinvigorated with epicurean adventures!

What local BBQ restaurants are highly recommended?

More or less today will involve developing a game plan.

At some point today might involve a trip to the local Best Buy and the acquisition of some type of BBQ.

Could this all be related to watching Adam Richman take on Kansas City barbeque?

Does anyplace in Colorado Springs sell burnt ends?

2 thoughts on “Colorado Springs BBQ Questions

  1. As a fellow Kansas City-Colorado Springs transplant, I initiated a similar program after my own relocation. If you’re looking for fairly good Kansas City style barbeque here, you should try Slayton’s Downtown Grill at Tejon and Colorado. They used to have a second location down off of Rockrimmon, but it has since closed so they could focus on downtown. According to Sarah, the burnt ends there are comparable (if not better) than Smokehouse BBQ back home.

  2. Thanks Mykle! A trip to visit Slayton’s Tejon Street Grill has now been completed. The burnt ends were fantastic. Joni and I decided on ordering the, “Barbecue Combo Platter: Smoked brisket, pulled pork, beef and pork burnt ends served with french fries and Hickory Pit Beans.” At the end of the meal it seemed only prudent to order an additional pound of burnt ends for later.

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