Writing styles are like fingerprints

Writing styles are like fingerprints. Sometimes the form, function, structure, and assumptions of a writer might change, but the underlying fingerprints remain. Even a good ghostwriter leaves echoes. In the end, written prose can be a fingerprint that touches history. Art can stand the test of time. Written prose can last for generations. At some point in the future, prose will become almost permanent, but the ability to store prose will become finite and tightly controlled.

Mathematics provides the central pillar of an evolved civilization. Without question, the modern education system in the United State has favored social sciences over pure mathematics. An entire generation of American society lacks a basic understanding of fundamental math skills beyond descriptive inquiry and general calculations. Maybe mathematics will make a comeback during the next decade. The ability to acquire information online could change the relationship between the public and mathematics knowledge.

Yes: I have been reading the Economist article, “Climbing Mount Publishable.”