Notes from 20101114

  • After watching televised advertisements, I learned Papa Murphy’s now has a Bacon Bacon Bacon Pizza (a pizza with three kinds of bacon). Americas has developed a fascination with bacon and Papa Murphy’s pizza has decided to exploit that fascination for profit. What percentage of people using video recording options to capture content (for time shifting) takes the time to watch commercials? Do live sporting events and AM radio shows provide the only method of actual advertisement and therefore should be more expensive?

  • If NBC decided to sustain the blockade against Google TV, then the potential for online advertisement revenue will be lost. Say for example somebody wanted to watch full-length episodes of the show Outsourced on the NBC website using Google TV and the blockaded turned away that potential viewer. Not only did NBC fail to gain additional advertisement revenue, but the network also lost the opportunity to diversify the brand by introducing new viewers to other content (generating additional revenue streams). Consider for a moment, that NBC has also disenfranchised anybody who owns or uses a Google TV. Broadcast television stations lack subscription subscribes and have no contractual obligations to hold viewers hostage. Maybe disenfranchisement was the wrong choice.

  • If anybody has had a chance to demo (or has as strong opinion about) any of the Sony Internet TV powered HDTV systems, then please let me know what you think about the device. I am considering purchasing the NSX46GT1 model to replace my primary television. I am in the market for a new television and I believe that internet television will replace conventional television within the next two years.

  • The shop now link at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue provides a resource for individuals who want to acquire mail order barbeque. After an initial online review, two items stood out: Item #PKSS0436 $59.95 Sunday Sit-Down Special and the Item #PKBT0315 $79.95 Big Taste of Kansas City. A review of the online delivery system will probably be forthcoming at some point in the not so distant future.

*What is the real difference between Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010? I am considering upgrading to get Microsoft Word 2010…