Notes from 20101121

  • Netflix provides access to a myriad of content. Thanks to the diversity of Netflix content, it was relatively easy to discover and watch the Luke Wilson film Tenure (2009). Surprisingly, the film production occurred in only 25 days for a miniscule (by Hollywood standards) $5 million dollar budget. How do even relatively independent Hollywood productions cost millions of dollars? A surprisingly small amount of Luke Wilson’s work is available for streaming on Netflix. The amount of streaming content available within the multitude of online streaming services seems to be increasing exponentially.  Online content seems to be the wave of the future. The average size of a home television has been increasing over the last few years. Even standalone gaming platforms have integrated online content delivery. Will the traditional methods of content delivery survive?

*During the middle hours of the day, on Sunday November 21, 2010, I enjoyed watching the documentary, “Who is Harry Nilsson? (And Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him).”

  • Some of my various hastily written reviews of situations, meals, and purchases exist online spread throughout the internet. Stephanie the other day ran into a review from a Nels in Colorado Springs. In some ways, the simulacrum of a previous restaurant experience (review) could end up simulating the previous meal without contributing to the current reality of the situation.