Notes from 20110227

  • The transition from DirecTV to OTA HDTV services has seriously limited the amount of available sporting events appearing in our household. Apparently, switching from Qwest DSL internet service to Comcast would provide access to ESPN3. Over the years the number of college basketball games available on broadcast television has been diminished. ESPN has been purchasing the rights to air a significant number of college basketball games; a trend that appears to be escalating.

  • I have started watching the broadcast television Sunday morning news shows. Without question, websites have the ability to provide access to news without delay. Cable news certainly has a shorter news cycle than broadcast television, but both lag far behind the ability of online sources to distribute and innovate. The Sunday news shows certain provide (and cover) a list of popular topics. For the most part the Sunday news shows deliver a week in review style of news presentation. Occasionally, the Sunday news shows do get pulled into breaking news coverage.

  • I am watching the 83rd annual Academy Awards tonight. In honor of the awards ceremony, a bottle of MELE wine from Maui Wine (Tedeschi Vineyards) was opened and enjoyed. Dinner tonight included lasagna and garlic toast (after all MELE is a red wine). Dinner probably should have included a menu inspired by or derived from the work of Wolfgang Puck. I thought about live blogging the awards, but figured derivative coverage of a derivative event would be tangential to the point.

Did Tom Hanks refuse to host the entire awards show this year?
Did Steven Spielberg also refuse to host the show?
Who banned Billy Crystal from hosting? At least Hugh Jackman is not dancing…

Post 83rd annual Academy Awards Netflix Queue

  1. The Social Network
  2. The Black Swan
  3. The Fighter
  4. True Grit
  5. The Kings Speech
  6. Inception