Wine Tasting Notes 20110409

Who knew an alumni association event could be so much fun?

This evening the Colorado Springs Jayhawks alumni group sponsored an event entitled, “Rock Chalk Wine-Tasting and Silent Auction!” The event occurred at the US Air Force Academy stadium press box. Overall, the press box provided a wonderful location for an event.

Wines for the tasting were selected by Ivars Spons of Sovereignty Wines. The wines were served by the glass with notes provided on the fly during the tasting.

1. Six Hands Winery Sauvignon Blanc
2. August Briggs Chardonnay
3. Alias Cabernet Sauvignon
4. Joffre Reserve Malbec
5. T-Vine Zinfandel
6. I am still working on hunting down the last wine of the evening. It might have been the 2007 LEO Eiswein “X-treme Sundowner,” but the exact wine has not been confirmed.

After experiencing the wine tasting event, I am thinking about signing up for more events. A wine tasting event can either be driven by the product or by the host. Without question, a vertical wine tasting of a world class wine can define an event. At the same time, a great host can define a wine tasting event.

Maybe signing up for a sommelier class would be fun?