Rudy’s BBQ Day

Lunch today happened to include a visit to Rudy’s “Country Store” and BAR-B-Q! Backstory: Apparently, during an early morning climb up the Manitou Springs Include a couple of weeks ago David (from England) had a singularly unique eureka moment. Within that moment of epicurean bravado David concluded that a lunch visit to Rudy’s BBQ should be scheduled.


  1. Rudy’s sells pretty decent barbeque.
  2. I am seriously considering taking Joni to Rudy’s on Saturday after visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
  3. The line service format is strangely compelling.


  1. I do not understand why the proprietors of Rudy’s have decided to forgo selling deep fried potato products and onion rings.
  2. Enjoying the BBQ from Rudy’s did involve having to concede to several coworkers that decent BBQ does exist outside Kansas City.

3 thoughts on “Rudy’s BBQ Day

      1. The ribs and whatnot I’ve had in Memphis came dry rubbed and hickory smoked, with sauce added after if you like them “wet.” I believe these are basted with a vinegar mix, but IMO you really can’t taste the vinegar–not like a North Carolina sauce. I understand that a lot of people eat them dry, with no sauce at all.

        Full disclosure: I personally prefer a vinegary sauce, mostly because I am not big on sweet things with meat.

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