Cheyenne Mountain Zoo + A Lunch at Rudy’s BBQ

Twitter is much easier to use for capturing a single thought than taking the time build a complete mobile weblog post on the go. Here is an example from my twitter feed @nelslindahl “When will the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo get a honey badger? I’ll donate $50 to help get one.” Naturally, everyone enjoys random thoughts about honey badgers. From what I can tell only one zoo in the United States has a honey badger in captivity. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has a honey badger. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs probably should get a honey badger. I understand the zoo staff would have to stay out of the honey badgers cage, but what could be more fun than a rocky mountain honey badger exhibit?

I digress. We should turn our attention to the second part of the story. After visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for a relaxing morning walk Joni and I decided to purchase lunch from Rudy’s “Country Store” and BAR-B-Q! Sure I might have had lunch at Rudy’s on Friday, but who judges somebody for having barbeque for lunch on back to back days? Joni enjoyed a BBQ turkey sandwich and some peach cobbler. I am seriously considering adding Rudy’s BBQ to my restaurants favorites list.