Thinking about country clubs and golf in general

During the course of 2012, I want to spend more time playing golf and less time watching television. Are both cable and satellite television companies swimming upstream against the growing force of internet enabled content? We cut the cord (aka cancelled our satellite and or cable subscription) about a year ago.  For the most part, the transition has been relatively seamless. I have been asking myself the question, “Who really needs to watch several hours of television per day?” Giving up watching live sports on ESPN was probably the hardest part of cutting the cord. Cable news networks are capable of providing hours of mindless background noise, but they rarely deliver truly informative content. We just got a flyer from Xfinity (Comcast) that would provide cable, internet, and phone for about $89.99 a month. It is interesting to see the difference between the on demand video content services provided by satellite and cable companies versus the on demand content that companies like Netflix provide.