My third Stanford University class marathon weekend study session

Working late into the night can be very rewarding. Few people on the planet truly enjoy a good marathon writing or studying session. An even fewer number of people have the drive to sustain a single minded purpose long enough to drive a true marathon event. Strong intellectual performances can be incremental and follow a plan. Projects that involve strategy and planning will almost always trump spontaneous operational decisions. As part of the advanced project management program, I started working on completing my third class from Stanford University. Overall, the Stanford Center for Professional Development class “Managing without authority” has been enjoyable and thought-provoking. The wild card weekend NFL games are definitely a little distracting. Who would have predicted a Houston Texan wildcard matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals?

The move to streaming online content various subscription cable and satellite television services has hit the mainstream media. Check out this weekend’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article Cutting the Cord on Cable.