Twitter Updates for 2012-02-06

  • I started off the day with a doppio espresso from @starbucks #
  • What could be more fun? A day full of snacking on Jack Stack BBQ or 5 hours of pregame converge about the #SuperBowl Both happened. #
  • @andyphelan45 You need to learn to love both @starbucks and @PFChangs as much as you love soccer scarfs… #
  • A batch of cream cheese jalapeno poppers are about to visit the oven for about 12 minutes #SuperBowl #
  • Next year @NBC should try to spice up the #SuperBowl pregame converge. The content was paced like a Sunday morning talk show. #
  • The New York Giants offense has started off with a strong opening possession. The New England Patriots secondary might need an upgrade. #
  • How did @Pepsi figure out how to fit Flavor Flav into a #SuperBowl commercial? Who does that? #
  • The first quarter of #SuperBowl went by really quickly. Who thinks @nflcommish enjoyed that safety? The commercials have been boring.. #
  • Maybe @nflcommish notice that the @SuperBowl halftime show featuring Madonna was awkward. Your basically wasting commercial space… #
  • Do you remember what happened to the exploder? Will @andyphelan45 really bring back the #1DMBFAN days? #
  • The 4th quarter of the #SuperBowl could be epic… or one good fumble or pick return could swing this game… #
  • The @samsung Galaxy Note looks good, but I'm still horrified by the companies horrible track record of Android upgrade support #SuperBowl #
  • Manningham made the best catch of the #SuperBowl #
  • By allowing the go ahead #SuperBowl touchdown Bill Belichick was trying to play chess with checkers pieces… #
  • The New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants again in the #SuperBowl | Maybe video taping opponents made Bill Belichick a genius… #

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