The publisher calculation and various other considerations

The week turned out to be fairly eventful. I spent some time talking to a publisher during a series of phone calls about various strategies to get a book to market. In this case, because my work is highly specialized the  publisher suggested a strategy that involved marketing to libraries and major book buyers. Overall the calculation or triangulation of market value seemed to be reasonable enough, but I was still conceptualization various other considerations that created a certain degree of hesitation. I realized that my current usage strategy for social media was lacking follow through. My strategy needed to be updated to be easier to execute. Hearing somebody say, “That’s great that you created a website, but who is reading that website and why are they going to buy the book,” (paraphrased) was difficult thing to hear and to internalize.

I plunged ahead and installed the Windows 8 “Consumer Preview” build version 8250 on primary workstation on Wednesday February 29, 2012 in the evening. Overall, the install was easy to accomplish and reminded me why I keep all of my data in the cloud. When your local workstation is free of personal data the decision to format is easy to make. The hardest part of the process was waiting for all of my software to install after the upgrade. I was surprised that the music app linked to Windows 8 did not incorporate content Microsoft customers had purchased from the Zune marketplace. Silo-ed ecosystems are a horrible business model in terms of the consumer experience. Every time I format my primary gaming computer I forget how large the World of Warcraft (WOW) download has gotten. My new JBL duet speaker system by Harman has been working well enough. I had been using the integrated speaker built into my HP 2710m monitor. While integrated monitor speaker systems have gotten better over the years they still lack any real capacity to produce deep and warm audio.

It almost happened. I almost pulled the trigger on purchasing the HP Folio 13. During the course of making the purchase, I still had a lingering doubt about selecting the HP Folio 13 over the HP ENVY spectre series.