Selection Sunday college basketball watching extravaganza

You guessed it. It was bound to happen. March Madness is officially here. Today CBS Sports will be the first media outlet to announce the official college basketball brackets for the NCAA tournament. I started my basketball watching marathon today with the SEC championship game featuring Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt on ABC. I don’t actually miss the 24 hour sports or news coverage that cable provides. When I have access to 24 hour sports and news programming then I almost feel compelled to have either news or sports on in the background. Relegated to the background the media cycle becomes a secondary event. As a secondary event even major events are an afterthought unless the viewer is capable of truly multitasking. I’m still wondering if the University of Kansas will receive a #1 seed this year. Will the selection committee use head to head matchups to make seed determinations? A heads up win has to be considered when comparing teams.

Here is a digital photograph of what the Pizza Hut driver delivered:

Pizza Hut Pizza Dinner Box

Strangely enough a certain degree of civility still exists within the sports related arm of the media. Political reports gave up on maintaining any degree of civility long before I started paying attention to politics. I would like an answer to the question, “When was the last time we had civility (with respect to American politics)?”

Well it is official; I just could not bring myself to pull the trigger on an ultrabook this weekend. It’s not the money. My Dell Studio 1535 is still kicking. With a batter life of about two hours my Dell Studio 1535 has always been horrible to travel with or take anywhere. The Dell Studio 1535 has to be plugged in while I work on the sofa in the living room. Overall, I have come to the conclusion that battery life matters. A long time ago in a faraway land (Kansas), I had a Sony VAIO VGN-T250P laptop that had wonderful battery life, but it overheated and died. My next purchase is probably going to be an 11 or 13 inch ultrabook. I’m still guessing that the market is about to change at some point before summer.