2012 MPSA Conference in Chicago Day 2 Notes – Paper Day

The Palmer House Hilton was relatively easy to find. The building has a Starbucks located on the street level. People were already lined up to get coffee by the time I got to the conference. Registration for the Midwest Political Science Association conference was painless. My ASUS Eee PC is literally smaller than the 70th annual MPSA conference book. I’ll attached photographic evidence of that reality at the end of this post or on Flickr. I have to confess Open Office writer just did not meet my document processing needs. I downloaded a trial version of Microsoft Office Professional 2010 to get a copy of Microsoft Word on this netbook. The Eee PC does not have an optical drive. That reality stopped me from being able to load my own copy of office, but I digress… I got a piece of banana bread and a tall dark roast coffee with a shot of espresso (e.g. a Redeye) from Starbucks.

My PowerPoint presentation for the conference is titled, “Feedback Driven E-Government: A Study of Local Government E-Feedback Methodology.” The subtitle should read, “A few slides with graphs supplemented by a lot of talking…” When I get back to Colorado Springs I will provide a link to the PowerPoint presentation [here]. At some point, I’m going to pair some data from the NPL Research Group with my dissertation survey to start building a longitudinal dataset related to E-Feedback.

It’s nice to be able to walk around town in a suit without being judged. Pretty much everybody at the conference is wearing a suit and tie. A few people (mostly students) are trying to pull off a blazer look. I’m not a fan of blazers…

The Palmer House has HP mini computers and LCD projectors available to the presenters. At some point within the next couple of weeks I will probably start bidding on HP mini computers.

Nels Lindahl MPSA 2012 Conference Paper
Nels Lindahl MPSA 2012 Conference Paper

Action item: Review a few samples and submit a National Science Foundation grant application at some point before the close of 2012.

The conference panel chair had the entire pool of participants move to the audience area. In hindsight, the chair made the right call. Everybody enjoyed the presentations and discussions from the audience. Welch did a good job keeping all of the academic presentations on schedule.

Would a paper titled, “Increasing disaster management coordination and collaboration by using E-Project Management based on E-Government models,” be publishable?

Action item: Pull the MPSA conference book into a database and compare the elements to major journal publications… what is the degree of correlation?