Thinking about the Nissan Leaf and watching some television

Why am I watching Josh Bernstein’s history channel classic, “Digging for the truth,” on Netflix? Oddly enough, for some reason only a handful of the show episodes are available for streaming. Netflix must have run into some weird licensing agreements on this one. I’m trying to learn how to compete a data modification sequence in Perl and as a result of my endeavors I’ve spent most of the weekend watching documentaries and TED talks.

Watching documentaries about history is inspiring me to travel. My last trip to Mesa Verde National Park was years ago. A few years from now, I cannot wait to take John Paul on a tour of every national park. Even with a home base in the State of Colorado the trip will involve traveling several hundred miles. Keep this travel example in mind while reading the next paragraph. I really do believe that, “Making decisions that help drive advances in technology matters.”

I recently told Joni that we would never purchase another gasoline fueled vehicle. If purchasing a new car should provide the buyer with ten years of transportation, then buying a gasoline powered automobile this year implies that society will not have transitioned to electric cars during the next decade. I am unwilling to accept that assumption. Therefore, I’m seriously considering purchasing a Nissan Leaf early next year. The 2013 Japanese produced version of the Nissan Leaf will have been in production for two full years.  However, a domestically produced version of the leaf will be available in late 2012 when Nissan opens a factory in Smyrna, Tennessee. Maybe my Ford Explorer will last until the induction charging Nissan Leaf’s hit the market in 2014.