The NBC Olympics coverage is still lacking something

My Dell 1535 laptop has been in storage for 24 hours. The new plan involves only using my Nexus 7 tablet in the living room to watch coverage. If I have some serious typing to do, then I am going to need to go to the basement and use my primary desktop computer. Right now I am using my new Amazon basics  Bluetooth keyboard to type. I propped up my Nexus 7 table at about a 65 degree angle by using my cell phone as a wedge.

ESPN does a pretty good job of covering sporting events. The Olympics only happen every 4 years, but the coverage this year has been lacking. NBC has not embedded any medal tickers or event trackers. For the most part the viewer has no idea what is about to happen next or when the athletes will be competing again. I don’t have cable or satellite television. I’m willing to leave NBC on throughout the day, but just being along for the ride is not enough. I find myself constantly checking the internet while watching the Olympics. It’s easier to get information from searching online news streams than from watching or listening to the coverage.

Ok. Time to study…