Saturday PMP Exam Preparation

Joni made pancakes with dark chocolate M&Ms for breakfast.

PMP study session number one involved a one hour countdown timer running on my Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE phone.

Lunch happened after a trip to Costco. Joni and I picked up some food from the Arharn Thai restaurant. The drunken noodles and curry were very good.

The Alabama vs. Arkansas football game was not very competitive.

PMP study session number two involved another countdown hour of reading and flash card work.

Dinner involved making nachos in preparation for the Stanford vs. USC football game. Hopefully, this game will be more competitive than the game this afternoon. It turned out that the game was extremely competitive. Stanford successfully defeated USC 21 to 14 and the students stormed the field. The student body knows that storming a football stadium gets people hurt.